Couldn’t we Just…? (Poetry)

Inspired by this.

Italian version here.

Couldn’t we just,

love each other?

Why all those thoughts?

Why want to impose your ideas?

Why don’t you just understand,,

that I am a good person,

who loves,

regardless of my mistakes?

Holy God,

If I think of everything I’m tangled

Of paranoia,

These “whirlwinds of thoughts”,

not only mine, and indeed,

more than others than mine, finally,

it never ends.

But you can’t love each other,


without all these proclamations?

Without all these philosophies of life?

It would therefore not be, finally,


live life more lightly?

Why, in the end,

I just wanted what

and only that I felt.

The rest are things that have been attached to me.

I know it can be done,

and let’s leave the past behind us!

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