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We need a hero,

in this world,

that is collapsing.

Someone to save it,

from itself.

Please come, hero,

hurry up.

If there is Jesus,

someone let him know,

that we need him again.

Maybe we can’t save ourselves,

without a hero.

But who can ever be there?

We are so fucking weak,

old friend…

we can’t be

the heroes of ourselves.

This fragility,

this weakness

is our daily weight.

Let’s pray,

if there is a God,

that he can save us.

Why here,

life is a pain

too big.

Hero, are you coming then?

We are tired of waiting,

yet, only a superior love,

he can save us.

We need love, old friend.

Jesus? Anybody else?

We need love,

than this world

it consumed what we had.

And now?

We are just empty shells,

or in any case,

full of tears

and suffering.


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