Couldn’t we just…?

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Couldn’t we just love each other? After all the mistakes, in the end? If I think of all the tangles, all the “whirlwinds of thoughts”, quoting verbatim, you go crazy.

In the end, I wanted the same thing: spontaneity, peace, simplicity. The rest, I say it clearly: it was given to me.

It is the umpteenth time that I say this, that I have been more defined in one way, but I have never been.

But you don’t really get out of it anymore, to think:

“He did that because he wanted to do this, second interests, ulterior motives …”

But no, there were none.

Unfortunately I can no longer prove it, unfortunately I do not have the possibility.

Because I just loved her, as perhaps she too. I’m not the one who took the trips.

Sure: when I had a fight, I was upset.

But never once did I want to do any of this. The more time passes, the more I realize that it was much simpler …

And I ask again: Can’t you just love each other without these slaughters on our poor hearts and minds?

And I, I was the first to make mistakes, to those who think really too much, much more than me, and give me actions and responsibilities that do not belong to me, that were never mine, never.

I just loved it.

Nothing more, nothing less, without rationality, without the need to have a reason. The heart never has it …



In short, can’t you just stay close to each other without doing all these thoughts?

Without wars, racism, sexism, labels …

Words words words…

Empty words.

So many words, which are none other than that.

Facts are not words. And you know.

Couldn’t we just love each other, leaving the past behind, once and for all?

As before, more than before?

And enough of all these arguments …

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