“A New World” – 4.

Part 3 here.

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Again the man woke up next to her. Still again.

He hugged her, even though she didn’t move. He was tired of feeling pain.

And he decided to take a ride in that city: he saw few people, especially in the car. Where he walked, there were always few people.

When he wanted to be alone, he knew exactly where to go.

He finally realized that he was tired of being angry. So, one evening, he walked around the same place for a few hours, and told himself that he wanted to be his own best friend.

Since no one wants to be for me, I will be. >>

He thought as he watched the steam cover the city.

It was in a park, and there was hardly anyone there. So, he walked and walked, discussing his things about him.

He talked to himself, as if he were talking to a friend, in reality he was alone. It was as if it were him and another him.

And he told himself that he had to get rid of his anger.

And so it was, that after a while, he began to get rid of his anger. A mysterious creature appeared. A raven-headed man with a long blue coat, a katana and a black top hat.

She put her hand on his head, and a large black sea serpent began to come out of him. A monstrous creature, which coming out of him, caused a sharp pain in his head.

This monster was called “strains”.

After he went out, the man said to his demon:

–              You are free.

So both the monster and the one who contained it were free, that he began to feel strange

Is tired.

The mysterious being had disappeared …. So he went home to sleep.

The next day, he woke up, always feeling strange… very strange. He didn’t know lately if he was cold, or if he had something inside that was making him feel bad.

By now he believed that, in fact, the discomfort he felt came from a psychological matrix.

The next day, he decided to go to a place in a suburb of the city. He walked away, crossed the station, so full of steam and trains that so much smoke was coming out.

And he came to an area, full of public houses, in a specific place where he had buried another ancient demon.

– Come back to life, Versus.

The demon, from that remote place, came back to life.

A humanoid creature, all black, with his eyes closed, they seemed sewn.

– It’s time for me to do something, which I should have done a long time ago.

The demon followed him, as he made his way between those buildings, and entered a small alley, and then out on the street, while a lot of dogs, from the balconies, barked.

The man went up to a place that was once important to him. He saw the spectacle of the mountains, opening up into an empty space.

– I should take you to a more symbolic place to do it… no, it doesn’t matter.

He came to a place not far away, where he kept the memory of something that happened ten years ago. That new city, after all, was always the same. Only the era had changed.

–              You are free. And so, I will be too. I should have done this before, but only now do I understand how necessary it is to let go of your darkness.

The demon didn’t speak, he never did, even though he was capable of it. He was so different now. Now that he didn’t have the same strength, but different.

He seemed neither happy nor sad to be free.

The only one who felt regret was his “master”, who realized how much he had been dependent on his demons up to that moment.

And he returned home, and on the way back, he met again that being with the raven’s head, who extracted from him two other lesser demons.

–              Who are you?

– I’m your fighting spirit, your instinct. Randurass.

The man was amazed, but at the same time, he too felt he had always knew it.

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