In love wins who… Stays.

“In love Wins who flees”,

they told me, a long time ago.

And today, as then,

I can’t believe it,

I still do not understand.

I am a professional fugitive,

so much,

which could well be said to me, that for every problem,

I always have that solution.



Yet, even if now we can say: “I don’t believe in love”,

there must be no winner, no loser,

but if there was one,

I believe he is the one who remains.

I believe he is the one who keeps on fighting,

the one who never gives up.

I believe it’s him, the one (or she), who waits,

that for once, instead of running away,


He keeps holding us,

he does not run away,

he stays.

In love, he loses those who flee.

I believe that if I resist,

I will be repaid.

I guess if I don’t hate,

I will be loved.

I guess if I never consider,

the matter wrong,

“I will win”.

After all, I have lost too much time,

not to believe in me.

Here you can find Italian version!

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