#Poetry:”How did I get this way?”

How did I get this way?

Perpetually tired,

I’m always sleepy.

I lost the will to fight,

I don’t know anymore

who I am

who I want to be

where I want to go.

I let it be someone else,

or something else

to guide me.

I was fighting for myself

not for someone else,

the “good intentions”,

they were for me.



And now,

I don’t have the strength,

to fight.

By now, I’m just tired,

and I sleep,

I sleep a lot.

Maybe it’s better…

At this point,

I refuse to think

also because otherwise I would think too much,

to every paranoia

that comes to mind,

I tell him to disappear,

because it makes me tired.

“Silence, Bruno”.

I have no time,

I do not feel like it.

This year,

at this point,

is leading me into the current of him,

and I,

I don’t have the desire

nor strength,

to rebel.

Almost as if I said:

“you do,

for me is the same”.

And I do not know

How did I become like this …

And I do not know

If it is good.

If you want read the original version 👉 https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/08/26/poesiacome-ci-sono-diventato/

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