#Poetry:”In another Lifetime”.

You remain a memory,

at this point,

I haven’t succeeded yet

to find a way.

A part of me,

will always hope

to see you again,

in another way,

a new life,

in the future.

Forgive me, Stef, that’s how I am.

At least, that’s how I was …

Because it’s so bad

to let the relationships end,

I remember some beautiful moments,

and it was a beautiful acquaintance,

or a beginning of friendship.


As you prefer,

that you do all these thoughts,

and calculations

on relationships.

My affection will remain for you.

It’s so bad

not being able to see each other,

maybe anymore.

It’s so bad

having to become “cynical” like

they told me that you

you expected me to be.

It’s so bad,

having to think,

and reasoning

to resign,

and repress.

Thinking you have to find a way,

to fill this void.

And instead, well,

I’ll look for some other woman,

I have already looked for it,

but I think that

certain voids,

are unbridgeable.

But, you know what, Stef?

you survive anyway,

despite the weight,

of life,


of loneliness,

and the company.

Yet another “whirlwind of reasoning”.

It matters not

in the end, nothing happens.

These are just poetries

these are just things that I try to turn into art.

are just ways,

that I try to give

and tell myself,

to have to say goodbye,

to you, and a part of me.

If we meet again,

I hope there will be better versions

and new versions,

of ourselves. “In another lifetime”

If you want read the original version 👉https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/08/23/poesiain-unaltra-vita/

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