It’s time for me

to heal.

It’s time to leave behind,

the past.

I will not hate anyone,

I will continue to want to love.

And I will continue,

to dream,

a return.

But I put away,



I say “goodbye”,

but he knows about “see you later”.

I forget, remembering:

but I feel it’s better this way

it’s better to hope,

a lot, I still live anyway,



without her.

Without what I want, again.

I accepted everything,

and now, I’m starting,


to heal.

And then, I finally decided,

and i’m fine

with this decision.

I heal, I go on,

start new chapters.


You know, now you can also say,

that after having dedicated all these words to you,

all these poems,

I used my art a bit to let off steam,

not knowing how to accept failure.

But that’s okay,

I accept the fact that I want to continue to hope, to be able to see you again, in a totally different future for both of us. In the meantime, I will live on.

Just the way I am.

Yes, a future in which maybe we would really understand each other.

Yes, that’s how I am, I’m a fool, who now decides not to decide.

Okay like this, I’m fine like this.


See you later.

ITA: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/08/10/poesiaguarire/

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