#Review of “Luca”, the new Pixar Movie.

I was intrigued to watch this film, and it has been a while since I brought a similar review here on the blog.

The new Pixar film: “Luca”, is set in Italy, I didn’t know anything other than this and the covers, before watching it.

Last night, I started with a pizza and a few beers to enjoy it, I do it every now and then. Sometimes I give up my diet, but only once a month …

If we want to say it all, already now, the story, I think it is not something innovative. By now it seems that most of the animated films follow the same “pattern”.

That is, the protagonist is often the shy boy or girl, dreamer / dreamer, with the desire to change the monotony of his life, knowing that “somewhere else” there is something more, or perhaps, how it is more accurate to say, that she / he can do more for themselves.

And they almost always meet someone very different from them, who helps them accomplish this feat.

This is not a criticism, since now it is not the story that matters, but how it is told. However, it often happens, even in “Soul”, that the protagonist, to have to give a real message, must be a “loser”, as defined by Luca, Alberto and Giulia, in the film.

In Soul, this role is clearly covered by the protagonist: Joe.

And also in “Onward”, the same thing happens, with Ian.

However, the difference is in the story: there are always things that are not explained, I think it’s something done on purpose.

As if in animated films, magic is taken for granted. It is not known what “exactly” Luca, Alberto, and the other beings of the sea are.

They are defined by humans: “Sea monsters”, but no more is known. Just as it is not known why on the mainland they turn into humans, on dry land.

But to begin with, let’s talk about the explosive friendship between Luca and Alberto, which is “told” with the famous song by Edoardo Bennato: “The Cat and the Fox”.



What then, I “gave” this song to another friend, a friend of mine: Leo.

I didn’t understand who the fox and the cat are, I think I’m the cat, but oh well it doesn’t matter!

Two brothers, two accomplices, these are the two children: two different worlds and characters, yet, they are perfect (or almost) together.

The bonds, after all, SEEM to be described in an imaginative way, but it always happens to be mirrored in the life of these characters.

They too have doubts, they also argue, they too understand, after misunderstandings.

And well, it will also be “utopian”, but then they reconcile and friends more than before.

In truth this is how it should work, this is what, in my opinion, really means “to grow”.

That is, I think it is much more mature, to resolve, by reasonable and civilized people, rather than closing in a hedgehog, and closing the doors,

It really takes maturity to have the courage to forgive.

And I, always had, even if they think I’m a “jerk” to be like this … But oh well, no complaints space.

However, it is one of the feelings I have, when I watch movies, it is now almost INEVITABLE, for me, not to see something of mine, in the characters.

Perhaps it is the classic “underdog”, the ones that then win, against all expectations.

Perhaps this is one of the major sources of education: I believe for the times we live in: for the sensitive, for those who feel undervalued.

For dreamers, who are not left free to dream, and to fight for their dreams.

We understand, that we should be “down to earth”, but it seems that more than keeping us safe, you want to chain us to the ground, because you are afraid of seeing us take flight.

I am more and more convinced that whoever (thinks) to make our interest, is only a quasi-toxic presence, or perhaps, more a damage. And we also talk about the family, the most important thing, for many, for everyone.

As in the case of Luca’s mother, and, at a certain point, also Alberto.

Then, in the film, they understand the essence of the child well, because he fights to prove it, and everything is fine, let’s say.

Telling life, with apparent simplicity and banality and giving messages that can work for children and adults.

This is how it works.

Furthermore, the film is set in a small seaside village, which is reminiscent of many places that I myself have seen, here in Calabria.

As if to tell us (and I believe it is so), that the real charm of Italy is precisely these places, and not just places like Florence or Venice.

I thought that “Portorosso” was Naples. However, it reminded me a little of the south.

Certainly, the small village has a great charm, which cannot fail to make us Italians feel “at home”.

What scene gave me this impression? When Luca and Giulia go to observe the stars, with the telescope, and we see the houses, the roofs, a fascinating landscape.

A nice exciting, summery, moving, educational film, with great features of Italy, such as the Vespa which is the symbol of a dream of adventures for the two children. The most important way to travel and see the world.

There is nothing else to do but highly recommend it!

And… See you at the next review 😊

Italian version: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/07/09/recensione-del-filmluca/

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  1. A film that I really enjoyed! And it is also one of those rare films that represents Italian life and culture very well. I am Italian and you can see that the film was made by a person who knows the Peninsula (after all the director is Italian). It is also a very sweet film, with a very simple plot but that gets straight to the point and capable of making you dream. A movie that I really enjoyed!

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