They say we are not capable,

to see the flaws.

We, good people,

us, in love.

They tell us we see

Things that “don’t exist”.

All of this,

do you know why?

Because they are afraid

to be wrong.

Many people

He is more afraid,

to have questioned,

their idea.

More than anything else.

Because you know,

if you can,

that they boh,

do they consider a failure?



They fail too.

And, if instead,

people show us certain sides,

why do they want?

What if we saw those sides,

better than others?

We are perhaps alone

Of the madmen,

or, we are simply,

much more concentrated,

on our object of interest?

And therefore,

who ever says,

that external opinions,

are they reliable?

In conclusion,

the time we often waste,

talking to other people,

it’s huge.

Since often,

people have been me

told by others,

perhaps by the envious.

I see no other reason,

to speak behind.

And I want to entrust myself

At the idea of ​​who I saw

And what I’ve seen,

and I see,

before me.

And I don’t want anymore

To pretend to be proved wrong.

Perhaps, only from the direct interested party,

but not others,

who have embroidered with it

a storytelling.

And so, yes, I rely on

To these “misconceptions” about her,

and sticazzi.

In the end who can say,

if it is as “others” say,

or if it’s me,

to have seen sides,

what others ignore in her?

Something more genuine,

and essential.

Something that goes further

Physical aspect.

Something that makes me feel good.

And then, seriously,

it seems to be really “Belen”,

when in reality,

we are talking about a girl


That seems unattainable,

speak for yourself,

I want to win.

And I don’t see

because a normal person,

someone like me,

must have more than me.

Italian version: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/07/04/poesialati/




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