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I have to accept,

I can’t do else,

every regret,

everything correct

and incorrect.

In the end,

of every action,

there’s confusion,

and depression.

Where is my station?

And my nation?

I have to accept

The fact I’ve lost

Pieces of me,

people, that I cared about,

I’m no longer free.

All of those broken pieces…

Did I lost people,

or just parts of me,

that won’t come back,

and that’s the riddle.

And so we got lost in the middle,

and it’s never so simple.

It’s like they are dead to me,

and I to them.

I try to prepare,

to the fact that I’ll never see them again,

unless for some miracle,

but you know, I don’t think I can,

I don’t believe there are any in this world,

my friend.

But better accept that now,

and give it an end.

Am I saying goodbye,

to people,

or a part of me?

I still asking this,

for everything I miss.

I would need a miracle,

but ain’t for me,

not for this mad world,

it’s so damn cold.

I still talk with this silent God,

for this heart of black gold.

I wish I could restart with them,

from zero,

Things for a hero.

But this acceptance,

for preparing me to the fact,

that I’ll probably never see them again,

never talk to them again.

This is the very sad truth,

the very sad reality.

This kills every sanity,

every possibility…

All hope.

And it’s the first time that I feel this way,

I really cared,

otherwise, this pain would not have existed.



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