#Poetry:”Time to heal”.

ITA/Original: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/06/11/poesiatempo-di-guarire/


It’s time to heal,

it’s time to stop.

It’s time …

I feel better and better.

By now the pain is almost completely gone,

I was afraid it would last,

and instead…

I can finally feel calmer.

It’s a new beginning,

I’m close …

Everyday more,

less and less,

I think about pain,

I think about the past.

And maybe one day I’ll really go away,

if I didn’t work here.

However, I was right to wait,

to stay.

I was right to sit still,

without running away.

I had to heal,

a little bit more,

when I’m ready, if I want,

I will go.

If I want to stay, I’ll stay.

I want my success,

and I am willing to make many sacrifices,

to get it.

I was right to stay,

it’s almost done,

 you see.

I’m fine now.

I learned how to let go

my way.

Staying so peacefully in love.

and finally the poison of the opinions of others,

It’s almost completely defeated …

I’m fine.



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