#Poetry:”Thank you.”

Ita/Original: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/06/11/poesiagrazie-2/


You have nothing to do with it,

but thank you.

I questioned myself,

it’s true,


but maybe I have to do it to please me.

You made me discover so many things,

and I’m always sorry again …

But now I have the key to improve myself,

I told you,

but then you started ignoring me.

It was nervousness that told me,

I write too much,

I think too much,

I write here on purpose,

to empty your thoughts,

you know?

I miss seeing you,

make you laugh.

Part of me is afraid of never seeing you again.

And I’m learning to accept it.

But calmly and peacefully.

But I thank you,

how I try to learn anger,

of not knowing how to do it.

My heart,

he loves you.

Thank you,

I was fine.

And I keep wanting to improve,

for me,

and don’t change.

Sorry it’s my fault,

it seems that you expect it from me,

it is I who demand it from me.

I’m the one who pretended,

to please me.

It had to be just me,

I already said it.

But now, I’m so spurred on to do the best,

And I almost think that seeing you again,

be a reward.

Sorry, if you are reading,

if I write a lot again,

I’m talking about me

even if I think of you.

And forgive me if I have demanded so much from you.

From me?

Unfortunately or fortunately,

I always expect the maximum from me now,

because I want you and I want so many things …

I am so convinced that if I try so hard,

there will be beautiful things,

and you for me

you’re the most beautiful.

Thank you, S.



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