#Poetry:”It has passed 3″ ( I just miss her.)


1: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/04/11/poetryits-passed/

2: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/05/14/poetryget-over-it-we-lost-each-other/


I write so much,

I still write so much to let off steam,

I write so much to try to forget,

to forget me.

And it’s paradoxical,

because writing, I remember.

These my philosophies,

these truths of mine,

that so often oppose each other,

to those of others.

Writing my faults,

my obsessions.

My hopes.

I write a lot, because I believe

Let it be the only way left for me to express myself.

At some point it’s an addiction,

I just can not stop.


But it is by continuing that I heal, that I understand.

A little, more and more,

i’m feeling better.

Now there is no obsession,

that it wasn’t his fault,

but mine,

and of those who doubted in me,

and they kept saying,



more than I was,

that I couldn’t do it.

And this was what caused my obsession.

And therefore,

I was not taken so badly for me.

Just, I wanted to prove something,

to me, above all.

Now you know,

I miss her.

Not like before,

but simply to see it,

laugh with her,

feel comfortable,

do things together,

that thing together.


Now I would,

now I love myself, I question myself less and less.

And it was time I stopped talking so much,

and began to do.

There was nothing in particular to do,

it had to be me, I want to be.

And it wasn’t just the negative things.

I also and above all think,

how well I was,

I would like to do better.



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