“I want to be free from the rules”.

ITA: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/06/07/poesiavoglio-essere-libero-dalle-regole/


I want to be free

From the rules,

I want to pay my dues,

but there are so many things to lose.

Not even I can stand it,

so I have to choose.

But so many people,

tells you how to lose the game,

everyone seems they got the answer,

And it’s always the same.

I want to stop thinking,

not always reason,

it’s the best thing.

Now I know it’s like a prison,

it doesn’t help you to do nothing.

It doesn’t always help to grow,

to know.

And it ends, like in a blow.

So, I said to myself,

“Who cares?
I’m still gonna do as I want,

and I still want to feel free,

to think as I please,

I don’t want to please,

I want you, please.

Stop your tease”.

So, stop with all those rules,

they are meant to be broken.

They notice every mistake,

but not all the pressure you have to take.

The pain, isn’t small or fake,

so, as I said before:

Rules to break.

I live by my own,

from now on.



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