#Poetry:”What they Think” (Fuck ‘em!)

Ita version here: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/06/05/poesiaquello-che-pensano-fanculo/


I often think, fuck it,

‘Fuck if what others think,

it’s different from what I think.

Fuck them if they think that

Some things are wrong.

Fuck everyone,

with this thing that everyone must tell the truth,

without ever thinking about how one feels …

Without ever telling you the right thing,

make sure there is only one the right way to live,

and they broke my balls

They broke their dick to tell me everything,

to be right,

they broke the dick.

It seems the same shit always counts,

and then you also think ‘fuck what everyone thinks,

you are in an inevitable situation,

that is: “Go ahead with your ideas,

and fuck everything else! “

Because you know there’s always going to be some fucking breakup.

At this point, much better to be free!

That is,

better stay true to what you think, in short.

That if I’m wrong,

I will always deal with myself.

And truly, I have allowed far too many people,

to put your mouth on my life,

about my feelings

and my choices.

And so, even more,




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