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Maybe I’m a damn masochist,

to belive in people,

to hope in a better tomorrow,

this is basis, like a rapist,

of hopes and dreams,

Of my believs.

I’m just a fool,

loving a person,

who doesn’t love me,

I was like a tool,

for this life, ain’t no school,

but I’m still tying to be cool.

Maybe I’m a masochist,

wanting to see the bright side,

of people,

loving a person,

not even she’s my goodamn bride,

this destiny I don’t even ride,

to forget my pride.

In the name of love,

of good and to seek the proof,

Getting up to some roof…

I’m a masochist,

wanting to open some closed doors,

some high walls,


do you have the balls?

I do, suffering for my goals.

I feel like people,

cut out,

because they’re afraid of the truth,

of love and so, they’re afraid to look goof.

Love is for the weak,

good, ‘cause we all are, and not only in this week.

I felt this way before,

but I know, what it means.

Like you heart doesn’t exist.

But Now I feel he came back,

maybe he never left.
My heart now can’t be broken,

it’s indestructible,

and his strenght, I behold.

So maybe I’m not a masochist,

maybe i want to save,

and to be saved.



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