#Poetry:”The Dream is good only when you realize it”.

Click here for italian/original version: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/06/01/poesiail-sogno-e-vello-solo-quando-viene-realizzato/

I’m a dreamer,

I’m the one who hopes,

I’m the one who wants,

to unite all the ropes,

and I want envelopes.

But I don’t want dreams,

to stay dreams,

to be like films,

to stay in my broken screams,

When I can’t achieve them,

just a moment, beams.

As I don’t want

If I don’t reach them,

to be with no gleams,

fears and blocked streams.

I won’t stand still

Just waiting,

never toucing,

never hugging,

never holding,

never achieving,

just dreaming.

I want to stop believing,

dreaming is wrong,

as it never makes you strong.

So it’s wrong,

that I’ve loved,

this is not heartgold.

I just know one thing:

I want what I want,

until I’m full,

maybe I’m a fool,

but I think not,

I want a tool,

my life is my school.

Truth is:

I’ll never be satisfied,

utnil I get what I want.

This is what I testified.

I want what I fight for,

When I’ll get it,

I’ll fuck it in every form.

It’s so abstract,

and I’m so attract.

A dream is good only when I/you reach it.

When you realize it.

This, for me is “dreaming”.



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