#Poetry:”Competion with Myself”.

Click here for original/italian version: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/06/01/poesiacompetizionecon-il-mio-me-stesso-precedente/

I’m in constant competion,

with my former self,

this is my mission,

to do better than I did,

in another position,

to stop with fiction!

I am my comparison,

determination, my companion.

I want to do better than yesterday,

to do what I couldn’t,

and do it fucking today!

I want to do things,

that I couldn’t before,

I want fucking more,

this ain’t shit you buy in store,

but what you’ve been fighting for.

I can feel the pressure,

of my former forms,

I want to go higher,

into the sun, and the storms.

My former-selfs,

want happiness,

want to go away from this madness,

They sacrificed so much,

and now I should just have sadness?

I’m my witness!

I’m not envy,

not really, not so heavy,

I’m just jealous with myself,

my future-self.

When he’ll fucking win,

and he’ll get better.

Better of no one,

just myself.


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