#Review of:”Dragon Ball Super: Broly”.


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It has been a long time now, perhaps a year, since I saw the movie “Broly” on a Saturday night in lockdown.

Dragon Ball Super, of course.

Like many things that I review and blog, I had not yet made the decision to write above, so like others I am “late”.

As a kid, I watched and re-watched Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z. I’ve been and am a fan, I think I’ve seen Goku’s first Super Saiyan transformation at least a lot of times.

I also appreciated GT a bit as a child, but not as I hoped, but it was interesting for some things …

I also saw and loved everything Dragon Ball Super: I admit I have never seen DB with great pretensions: for me it has always been “ignorant blows” and Kamehameha.

So we are not saying that FOR ME, DB must have some deep texture, also because it would be too out of place from its sense, or purpose.

The purpose of Dragon Ball, from Z onwards? To entertain. The procedure is always the same, but the fan does not disdain the fight too much: he watches the anime on purpose.

Of course, I don’t mean that the plot doesn’t have weight, I’m just saying it’s not the strongest thing. We all watch it to see Saiyans, fight against the strongest enemies.

And it is the same for “Broly”.

SPOILERS ALARM: those who have not seen Dragon Ball Super or Broly, do not go further.

I remember there were rumors before it came out: it was thought that Broly was some ancient Saiyan, who had escaped from a universe restored after the tournament of power. Since C17 wished all the destroyed universes to be restored.

Presumably, even those canceled before the tournament by Zeno.

And I was hoping for a little. Instead the film Broly (not that this is a bad thing), for large parts is very similar to the original film.

That is, even in this film Paragas and his son abandon the planet Vegeta, for different reasons, before Freeza arrived, to destroy it forever.

The beginning of the film shows us Bardock, Goku’s father. We also see a young Freeza initially. We are transported into nostalgia for the first Dragon Ball Z, the origin of Goku …

Broly’s father discovers that his son is stronger than normal Saiyans, even King Vegeta finds out. He fears he may be stronger than him son of him. For this, he decides to send him to a very hostile planet, where he would most likely die.

Clearly, King Vegeta underestimated HOW strong Broly could be.

The planet is called “Vampa”. Paragas, decides to save his son by taking a spaceship to this planet.

We have the feeling, that even without his father, Broly is so powerful that he could have survived on his own.

The spaceship, however, crashes, stops working. Finally, father and son remain trapped on the planet for no one knows how many years.

They are then found, by the new Freeza army.

The space fascistone decides to use Paragas’ grudge, to be able, clearly, to avenge Goku and Vegeta, and brings them both to earth.

Just like the “old” Broly, the “new” also has a hard time managing the anger and incredulous power he possesses. He too has a collar that his father uses to calm him down.

And the time for chat is over: finally vegeta and Broly start beating each other.

The film has a quality animation, let’s say that “the special effects” were very accurate, as far as they were designed. When finally (I jump straight to the point), Gogeta and Broly collide, we see a lot of them.

They focused on the spectacle of the fight. After all, that’s what the good old DB is based on.

Most of the film is the fight between: first Vegeta, then Goku and finally Gogeta against Broly.

In my opinion, details are left out: how can Broly be so strong, even more than the Super Saiyan God? Is it just talent? Perhaps there are still undisclosed mysteries about him, which moreover speaks very little.

I liked it very much, overall. In my opinion he does his duty as he should: entertain the audience with the fight. Besides, I didn’t expect much else.

Of course, perhaps a more original story would not be spoiled, but it must be said that Dragon Ball does not focus on some serious or intricate story.

In the end, I think this is more a virtue than a defect: you don’t always have to see stories with a plot on the destiny of the human, with some philosophy. Sometimes we just want to see Goku scream “KAME-HAME-HA!”

But I understand that this does not interest everyone, plus, they are not all avid fans, or nostalgic.

However, if I’m still passionate about anime, it all certainly started with Akira Toryiama’s epic series.

This does not mean that the story is proof of depth: only that this film does not have exactly that goal. The more “serious” parts of Dragon Ball are always connected to the disastrous future of Trunks, both the two cyborgs and Black Goku.

Having said that, I have nothing more to add. See you next time!



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