#Poetry:”Pessimist’s Optimism”.

Click here if you want to rad original version: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/05/25/poesiaottimismo-pessimo/

I’m optimisitic,

but pretty pessimist.

Whan I don’t see optmistic things happen.

I’m kinda in a mist,

I know.

I don’t rely on hope,

too abstract, to create a rope.

What Can I do, then?
can I foce? Nope.

Maybe I could ask the Pope.

I hope everything could get better:
“is not that bad”; I say to myself,

but I know the first thing, and the latter.

So what Can I say?
Do I live hoping for the best,

or expecting the worst?

It always ahppens at the same time,

And I feel tired,

it’s a crime.

I do of my optimism, my ship,

it’s not always something I can actually flip.

Then, realismi s the key,

but it’s so bad,

it affects me.

Always thinking and believing,

in a better day,

and a better way.

At the same time,

I know bad things will happen,

so I forgot myself into that spiral,

not so healthy,

so it’s so viral.

I try to get destiny into my hands,

hope is never enough,

I want to create my plans.

Then, I got lost into my lack

Of self esteem,

it all turns black,

and never comes back.

I will stay separate,

never fix that crack.

I think I can,

but then, I think I can’t.

This optimism, is pessimistic, you see,

It’s like being chained,

when you wanna be free.



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