#Poetry:”Awakening 2″

Awakening 1: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/05/13/poetrywaking-up/

Italian version: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/05/21/poesiarisveglio-2/


What is awakening?

It is to notice oneself,

of every fiber of itself.

Realize that you are alive,

more than anything else.

It is to feel the beauty of it,

to feel free,

without excuses,

without justification.

Without limits,

without thinking too much about right or wrong,

without standing still.

Waking up is like waking up,


Leaving every block,

every mental saw.

Awakening is to stop thinking with other people’s ideas,

is getting closer, day after day,

to their own truths.

Waking up is feeling alive,

awakening is knowing what you want,

go against everything.

Awakening is wanting to be yourself,

by stopping to think too much,

what others think.

Waking up is feeling free to make mistakes,

to love,

to do that thing that “would not be good”, to no one else,

if not you.

Awakening awakening is neither hope nor despair:

is the full awareness of one’s strength,

to get rid of any negative judgment and prejudice,

of every bullshit.

Anything that hasn’t allowed you to express yourself.

Awakening is nature.

It is to open your arms towards it.

It is being at peace with yourself.

It is enough,

is to think that even if you are alone, there is no problem.

That you don’t always need others to feel good.

That you don’t always need help,

that the first to be helped is you.

Awakening is to love each other, to like each other,

tell each other every day that it can be done,

even if you always fight with the fucking doubts.

Awakening is to understand that you have not fully lived your life,

it’s time to take it 100%.



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