#Poetry:”Ways to live”.

Italian version here: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/05/19/poesiamodi-di-vivere/


You know,

all too often I hear

points of view,

in which it seems that they tell you that there is an “objective” way of living.

What the heck,

It is not so.

Everyone has their time,

his time,

to experience, to understand, to learn.

There are moments in life, where you learn things,

that only in that precise moment,

it becomes important.

Everyone live their own life,

as well as possible,

doing your best,

and if that’s not enough, go further, try to improve yourself.

Everyone lives according to his beliefs,

nonsense, desires and temptations.

Sometimes, I think certain thoughts shouldn’t be held back,

as you wish.

At least with yourself, you have the freedom to think and say what you want,

even the darkest thoughts.

Thus, an intimate freedom of expression,

that cannot be suffocated, judged.


If they tell you “it’s not worth it”, but you think differently,

who cares?

At some point, what do I care?

Everyone has the convictions of him,

but I don’t think we should impose them on others.

We need to collaborate.

We must find ourselves, understand.

There is no one way to live life,

and whoever believes so is presumptuous, in my opinion.

And I don’t care,

but I don’t think I can live,

concerned with an “objective”, or “superior” way of my life.

Or for anyone else’s life, to be honest.

So, fuck you. Or not?

Do not close yourself in one world.



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