#Poetry:”Selfless” (Help yourself).

Italian version: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/05/11/poesiaaltruismo-aiutati/


It seems hard to be selfless,

expecially when you’re a mess.

Your love needs an adress,

now it’s just excess.

But I know I can be better,

I am now, even if I surrender.

I always want to help people,

with no ulterior motive.

Just do it, a little,

as much as you could forgive.

If you want to help others,

the first to help, is yourself,

get out hate from your mind,

think like the other self.

True, they can feel pain,

maybe they understand yours,

that’s why they’re so afraid.

You care about others, a lot, like rain.

You never want to hurt them,

that’s what’s inside your brain.

But you do, when you don’t want to be hurt,

and then it starts: the rage train.

Now, I think I know,

to do it, I’m no judge,

not holding a grudge.

I think I’m better than this,

I understand my mistakes,

I always want to make it better,

even if too much,

the pressure to take.

That’s why I help myself, first,

not for being selfish,

but If I don’t,

I can’t be selfless.



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