#Poetry:”Fare Thee Well”.

Fare thee well,

a goodbye, in this hell.

I didn’t want to do it,

forced to be somehting I’m not,

described like a demon, touching something too hot.

I’m doing it for everything that has been taught,

in my heart, an empty slot.

But it’s time to let go,

everything that hurts,

even if I didn’t want to,

Fare thee well, to you.

I never wanted to give up,

but it’s the time I got to.

From the bottom to the start,

do it all again, add to the chart.

But I’m afraid, my fight is over,

that’s my fucking border,

I think my heart is finally broken,

even if it’s golden.

Fare thee well, honey,

even if i fucking hate it,

but I have to, to heal from madness,

to find peace again, escape blindness.

It’s funny: it’s like I’m leaving you,

after I was left by you.

Guess this is how goodbyes fucking work,

I have no intention to be as smoke.

Now I’m just someone you don’t want to talk to,

Guess I’m going to walk away, too.

Yes, this is fucking crazy,

guess for something like that, I’m not lazy.

I must say goodbye to a part of me,

to a part of what I feel,

to get back in one piece,

to find peace,

with me, first

and one day, who knows,

maybe with you, too.


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