#Poetry:”No more Paranoid”.

Italian version here: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/04/30/poesiasenza-paranoie/


I want to live free,

no more paranoid,

without hassle.

I want to live without thinking about evil anymore,

I want to live without worrying,

I want to live without being alarmed.

I understand now, that I have to stop,

with paranoia.

I have to stop, because they make me chained,

and I want to be set free.

I want to live in peace,

I want to feel capable,

I want to stop thinking about what needs to be done,

I would like to be amazed by life.

I’m away, away from my falsehoods,

from stories, from calamities.

I want freedom,

I want spontaneity …

I want to see her again, with no more constraints,

with no more obsessions,

with no darker alleys,

without more tension.

I want to fly away from here

from this bullshit,

from these things without essence,

without any presence,

without absence …

But with foresight.

I want to feel comfortable,

without thinking about being like a pin,

stable, without thinking of all these limits,

I want to be freely tipsy,

without any hassle.

How many things am I learning,

When things am I saving though?

But now, if I get free,

I will not worry,

I will find a way,

I will save myself

I will love.



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