“How They want me”.

Italian version here: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/04/25/come-mi-vogliono/


How they want me?
I can’t be free,

I can’t be,

I can’t fly, like Butterfree.

They want me richer,

they want me cooler,

they want me not to care,

to be cold and to be aware,

Not to dare,

I’m not glad, I wanna be rare.

They want me to be somewhere,

not here, not there.

Thwya want me to hate,

‘cuz they can’t eat that plate.

They want me to consider wrong,

A thing that I loved.

They want me to be strong,

I don’t know what am I fighting for.

They want me different,

as they want me to be indifferent.

Basically, they want me to hate you,

to think as them,

but I’m not going to.

Not now, not ever.

Maybe they want to take my voice,

and they do, even if nobody asked,

to to as little boys,

only seeing the bad.

I’m unmasked,

Living in this new hell.

After all that’s been said,

I hop this is a real end.



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