#Poetry:”Life is an Adventure…”

To live, is an adventure,

to live is sometimes, faliure.

To live is to know what you desire,

to live is to know what is your fire.

Ro live is to find the wire,

connect it, to what is dire.

To live is to find unpredictable things,

let go what it was, to pull strings.

You understand what it means?

Life always changing, still

Are we ours’ life kings?

Gonna fly with our wings.

We can’t know what tomorrow brings,

we can just know what are our dreams.

And hopes,

and maybe one day,

it comes.

The day that everything will be there.

I will tell my story,

the story of a loser who won, in the end.

Ecerything I know,

Everything that must be apprehend.

For every day i waste, or just spend,

maybe it’s not all about it, my friend.

Life’s changing, with all its priorities

And authorities.



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